Diploma Framing

When you graduate college, you don’t just come out of it with a piece of paper. You hopefully come out of it with friendships and memories of great experiences, knowledge and skills that will help you start your career, and so much more. But that piece of paper serves as a great representation of everything you achieved over the past few years, so it is worth honoring.

Here at Tanglewood Art and Frame, we can frame your diploma for you so that you can display your achievement proudly.

Why you should have your diploma framed

If you don’t have your diploma framed, then it will probably be filed away in a drawer or box and be forgotten about. You might get it out every few years to reminisce on your achievement and time in college, but that’s all. Isn’t it better to hang it on the wall for all to see, displaying something you’re proud to have achieved?

The other risk of storing your paper diploma is that it could become damaged. Bent corners and faded text can easily occur when it’s not looked after properly. Framing your diploma properly will preserve it, keeping it safe and looking great. With high-quality glass protecting it, it won’t succumb to sun damage, either.

Tips and ideas for diploma framing

There are lots of places you could proudly display your diploma. Most people will either hang it in their home, their parents’ home, or their office, especially for professions like doctors and lawyers.

The best thing about custom framing is that you can choose each material in order to create something that suits your style and preferences. The color of the frame and matting, the material of the frame, and other aspects of the final product will decide how your diploma is presented. You can also make these design choices with the room in mind if you know where you’ll hang it. Matting especially helps your diploma to stand out within the frame.

You could even customize your framed diploma with other mementos from college or your graduation day. For example, you could hang the tassel from your graduation cap from the corner of your diploma. You could also frame photos from the day or your best memories from college and display them as a kind of collage of individually framed pieces.

Get creative and decide the best way to show off your diploma. Contact us if you want more ideas or guidance on which materials to use. You can visit us in-store in Clemmons, NC to get your diploma framed.