The Best Ideas for How to Display Your Travel Photos

You make so many amazing memories while traveling and you’ll see lots of incredible sights. Your photo reel will probably be full by the end of your trip, but what do you do with those photos? It’s a shame to leave them on your phone only to be viewed once in a blue moon, but it can be hard to know how to show them off.

We’ve got some ideas about how you can do your travel photos justice. Check out these interesting ways of displaying your travel photos.

A large feature piece

If there’s a single photo that you absolutely love, then it can make a great statement piece in any room. Print that photo in large dimensions and place it above the fireplace, behind the TV, above your bed, or on any wall with enough space for this kind of feature. This photo can be a real focal point of the room, one that everyone notices when they first walk in. Good options include printing your feature piece on canvas or having it custom framed.

Travel photo collage

If you prefer to display lots of smaller photos from your travels, then you can always make a collage of your favorite photos. Just select a group of photos and print them out together in a collage that you can have custom framed. Or, you can print and frame them all separately, arranging them nicely together to create a stylish photo wall.

Mantlepiece displays

This one is a great choice for renters who might not be able to hang pictures or frames on the walls due to restrictions set by their landlords. Mantlepieces, shelves, and window ledges are all great places to show off your framed photos. You can choose a few smaller photos and frames to display across the mantle, or a slightly larger centerpiece photo frame.

Photo prints

Maybe you don’t have the perfect space to display your photos but you still want to get them offline. You could always create a photobook of all your favorite pics or print them out and place them in a traditional photo album. Another great idea is to have a custom calendar printed with some of your favorite photos from the previous year. If you travel a lot, then you can create a new calendar each year with your latest travel pics.

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