Why You Should Always Hire A Professional Framer

When it comes to framing a painting, photograph, or anything else, you could simply go down to the store and buy a standard frame to place the piece in. While this may be the quicker and cheaper route to take, it has a few downsides since the frame and the materials weren’t chosen specifically for the piece you’re framing. This is likely to affect the appearance of the final result and could even damage the artwork if you have to cram it into a frame that’s too small. This method is also cheaper because lower quality materials are typically used, which will impact how well the artwork is preserved over time.

If you really want to respect the art and present and preserve it in the best way possible, then it is always better to have it professionally framed. Here are a few reasons why you should hire a professional, custom framer.

We know how to preserve art

There are a lot of different components and materials that go into framing art, and we understand each of them in great detail. This means we can choose the glass, matting, and frame that will best complement and protect your artwork. More than just appearance, quality framing materials help to keep your art in good condition by preventing sun damage, glare, and other factors.

Size matters

You can choose from a range of stock sizes when you buy a frame in store, but they’re just that – stock sizes. This means that none of them are likely to fit your artwork perfectly. When you choose custom framing instead, the frame is made to fit the artwork, not the other way around. This means the frame will be the perfect size for the piece of art or photograph you want to hang.

Looks matter, too

The same goes for the appearance of your artwork, the way it looks in the frame, and the way the framed piece looks in the room. With store-bought frames, you just have to try and get the best match from what’s available. With custom framing, the color, style, and material of the frame can be chosen to perfectly match the piece it will frame, as well as complementing the design of the room at the same time.

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