What Does a Professional Picture Framing Service Do?

Have you ever taken a photo or a work of art in to be professionally framed? If you haven’t, then you might be unclear about the exact role of a professional picture framing service. How does it differ from simply buying a frame from a shop, and what advantages can a professional service offer you? This article will shed some light on what a professional picture framing service is and does.

Custom framing

As the name suggests, a professional picture framing service can frame your pictures, photographs, and paintings for you. The work is very varied, and things you can have framed aren’t only limited to 2-dimensional pieces of paper. There are lots of different items you can have custom framed. Custom framing artwork ensures that it is placed properly in a frame that suits the artwork in size and style. The frames are made to fit the art, unlike buying store-bought frames that come in standard sizes.

Understand the customer’s needs

When you bring something in to be framed, a professional custom framer will first talk to you about what you want from the finished piece. If you have any preferences about the color or material of the frame, matting or no matting, and other aspects of framing, then you can let them know. They may also ask about the design and style of the room the framed work will be placed in.

Understand the materials

A professional framing service has in-depth knowledge about the different materials that can and should be used in custom framing. This article explains the main components that go into a frame. Custom framing services have access to the best quality materials to ensure you get a finished piece that looks great and is built to last. They can also recommend which materials to use if you want to save money on custom framing without compromising the quality of your art too much.

Photo restoration

Another service offered by many professional picture framing services is photo restoration. If you have old photos that have become worn or damaged over time, you can still display them proudly thanks to photo restoration services. Through these techniques, old photos can be restored to their original glory or improved to appear more similar to the high definition photos we are used to today.

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