Things to Consider When Custom Framing

Custom framing your prized possessions, special memories, or just a nice work of art for your home is a great way to present these things in an attractive way. If you’ve decided to have something custom framed for the first time, then you might be wondering where to start. This blog will guide you through some of the key decisions you need to make and what you need to consider when custom framing.


A mat surrounds your artwork for both protective and aesthetic reasons. The first decision to make is whether or not to have a mat, which we help you answer in this article. If you do want to mat your art, there are two main considerations – color and material.

You want to choose a color that complements the artwork without drawing the focus away from it. When matting a photo or picture, the best technique is to choose a color that matches an element of the background, such as the blue of the sky or the green of the trees, depending on the photo’s subject.

The materials to choose from are paper, cellulose, and rag mats. These increase in quality, with paper being the lowest and rag offering museum-grade quality. Obviously, the higher-grade ones will cost more, but they will protect your artwork and won’t alter its color over time.


Glazing refers to the material the protects the artwork and completes the frame, usually either with glass or clear plastic. Higher quality materials offer additional benefits while also increasing in price, so choose one that suits your needs. Museum glass is the highest quality, ensuring that glare is eliminated and that your art is protected from UV rays. Plexiglass is another good option that is also more lightweight than museum glass. Here’s a quick comparison of these two choices.


Now for the frame itself. Like with matting, your main decisions here are material and color. Dimensions come into it too, but these are pretty much determined by the shape and size of your artwork. The material and color of your frame will mostly come down to personal aesthetic tastes, although certain materials will be stronger and longer-lasting than others. Again, you should try to choose a color that complements the artwork rather than the room it’s placed in or any other frames around it. Various types of wood and metal are the most commonly used materials for custom framing.

Have something you want custom framing in the North Carolina area? Bring it into our shop in Clemmons and we will give you a quote for the piece. We can also advise you on any of the above decisions if you’re not sure which way to go. Get in touch if you have any questions about custom framing. We’re happy to help anyone around Advance, Winston Salem, Bermuda Run, Clemmons, Lewisville, Mocksville, and beyond.