Help Protect Your Memories with Custom Framing

Memories are precious things. We sometimes get caught up with the material things in life, but it’s the memories of people, places, and experiences that really matter. Over time, memories can become faded in our minds and we don’t think about them as often. This is why it can be so special to give a gift or buy yourself something that commemorates a special memory. Custom framing is a great way to protect and preserve your memories.

Custom framed photos

Photographs of events and special memories are the most obvious way to protect memories with custom framing. You can frame a family photo, your children’s first school photo, pictures from a holiday, a birthday, graduation, a fun night out, a crazy experience like bungee jumping. There are endless options for framing photos that mean something to you and that you want to remember.

Other memories you can frame

It doesn’t just have to be photos that remind you of a specific time or place. There are lots of other things you can have framed, like your college diploma, a certificate your child earned, or something they drew at school. You might have a habit of keeping mementos from specific times in your life. Some people keep every movie stub they’ve collected on dates with their partner. You could make these into a collage and have them framed to commemorate your relationship.

Shadow box framing

It’s not only 2-dimensional memories that you can have custom framed. Shadow box framing allows you to frame 3-dimensional objects, too. If your children have grown out of all their childhood toys, you might find it difficult to get rid of them all and let go of the past. To remember this special time in their life, you could have their favorite childhood toy framed and put up on the wall. Get creative and frame anything important to you – stones from your favorite beaches, keychains from different cities you’ve visited, or medals you won from competing in a sport.

Sharing memories with others

Having your memories custom framed isn’t just about remembering and celebrating them yourselves, it can also be a way of sharing them with other people. Maybe there was a holiday or another experience that you’ll never forget, but you don’t often get the opportunity to talk about it with other people. Displaying that memory in your home is a great way of sharing it with friends and family members when they visit your house.

Don’t let those memories go to waste. Get in touch with us at Tanglewood Art and Frame to protect them forever.