Tips for Your Wedding Photos

Your wedding day will, hopefully, be one of the most special and memorable days of your life, so of course you want the best keepsakes and photographs to remember it by. At Tanglewood Art and Frame, we’re here to custom frame your best memories, so let’s look at some tips and ideas for the photos of your big day.

Hiring a professional photographer

Obviously, weddings can be very expensive. If you’re working to a budget, this might tempt you to save on certain areas, for example by having a friend or family member be in charge of the photos during the day. While this can be a nice idea, hiring a professional photographer really puts your mind at ease that the photos are taken care of properly, so there’s one less thing to stress about on the day. And your friend or family member can enjoy the day, too, without the responsibilities of the photographer.

Posed and candid

It’s common to see wedding photos of the happy couple or the wider families and wedding parties posing nicely for the camera. These photos can be great and may be the ones to make it to your wall, but we’d recommend a combination of both posed and candid photos.

Some of the best moments can be captured while people are getting ready, walking up the aisle, and talking and laughing at the reception. So, as well as the more formal photoshoot, make sure your photographer is around for parts of the day to take unplanned and unposed photos.

Leave some photography to the guests

In a casual way, it can be a nice idea to have your guests snap some photos during the day and evening. Some couples leave polaroid cameras or disposable cameras around the venue for guests to use. They can pose for a photo or take candid photos themselves. The results can be really fun, especially once everyone’s had a few drinks after the ceremony.

Choosing your photos for custom framing

After the wedding, you will likely have to meet with your photographer to choose your favorite photos to be framed or placed in a scrapbook of the day. When choosing photos for your wall or mantlepiece, you may choose a few photos to be framed individually or you could make a collage of photos to be framed as one piece. Here, it’s a good idea to choose a mixture of posed and candid photos to get a full range of the day.

There’s a wide variety of materials and styles to consider when choosing all the elements of your custom frames, but we can help you make the best decisions to really complement your photos and make them stand out. Get in touch or visit our store in Clemmons, NC for more advice about custom framing your wedding photos.