Metal vs. Wood Frames

When you’re browsing or shopping for store-bought photo frames, you will commonly see both wooden and metal frames. If you’re designing and buying a custom frame, then you’ll need to choose the material of your frame, too. So, if you’re deciding between metal and wood frames, let’s look at some of the differences and benefits of the aesthetics of each.

Metal picture frames

Metal picture frames are a good choice if you’re looking for a modern aesthetic or even an industrial one depending on the materials and finishes you use. So, if the piece you’re framing has a modern look and feel to it, then a metal frame could complement it perfectly. Or perhaps the modern aesthetic matches the design and décor of the room you are placing the frame in.

A variety of metals can be used for picture frames, including aluminum, silver, and bronze. Each will have its own style and benefits. Aluminum is a particularly lightweight option for framing as well as a more affordable one than silver and bronze. These are all durable options and can be more cost-effective than wood frames. And you’ve got lots of choices when it comes to choosing colors and finishing your frame.

Wood picture frames

Wood is a classic look for your photo frames and can have a wide variety of styles and shades. MDF is a common material used for wooden frames, although a range of hardwoods and softwoods can also be used for different aesthetics and greater durability. Both engineered and natural wood can be used as well.

Applying different finishes to the wood will also have a big impact on how it looks. You can opt for a frame with a rustic appeal or something a little more polished. You can have pretty much any shade of brown imaginable between different types of wood and finishes, as well as the option to paint it a completely different color to match the palette of the room and its décor.

Compared to metal, wood frames add a little more warmth to the room and can be more unique due to the slight variations in grain from natural wood. Wood is a durable material, although they can be more expensive than metal frames depending on the material you choose.

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