Fun and Quirky Family Photo Ideas

Having a professional family photoshoot is a great way to get high-quality photos of your family that you can frame and cherish forever, proudly displaying them on your wall. Whether it’s just a couple, parents with their kids, or the whole extended family, you can get great results for your family portrait.

But maybe you don’t want the old, stuffy idea of four people stood together nicely in perfect height order, or sat politely with their hands on their laps. If this isn’t for you, then you don’t have to worry. You can do lots of fun or crazy poses during your professional photoshoot. The photographer may even have some of their own ideas that you can try.

Here are some fun ideas that could make a great family photo for your walls…

Green screen

If you don’t want a traditional picture in front of a plain backdrop, find a photographer who can do photoshoots in front of a green screen background. This means you can choose from a variety of backdrops, whether you want to transport yourself to Paris or fly off into space. You can choose a variety of fun and interesting backdrops and strike a pose in front of them.

Get messy

If you’ve got young kids, then life in your house likely never looks as neat and tidy as a posed family portrait does. Celebrate this messiness in your family photo by capturing a moment of fun and chaos. You could have a water fight or a food fight in front of the camera and let the photographer capture the chaos. Your kids are sure to love it, which is easier than trying to convince them to smile for the camera.

Dress up

You don’t have to be in your Sunday best to take a family photo. Why not dress up as your favorite characters or celebrities? This is one that’s likely to appeal to kids and adults alike. You could all dress up as superheroes or characters from your favorite movie, for example, even better if they’re a family themselves. Get fun and wacky for an interesting family photo that shows off your personality.

Recreate an old photo

This is a popular one for grown-up siblings to do for their parents. Find an old photo of when you were babies or young children – the goofier and more embarrassing the better! Now recreate that photo by striking the same poses and even recreating the outfits you wore (or didn’t wear in the case of embarrassing bath time photos). These photos can make fun and touching gifts for your parents.

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