Custom Framed Triptychs

A lot of photography styles and ideas are taken from the art that came long before it. Looking to art can give you ideas of how to hang unique, custom frames of the photographs you love in your home. One of these styles is the triptych. Read on to find out more about triptychs and how to use this style in your home for a stylish aesthetic.

What are triptychs?

A triptych is an artform where three pieces are displayed next to each other or one piece of art is divided into three sections. Traditionally, three sections of a painting were separated into frames but connected by hinges so that it can be opened and closed to display the entire work of art. This was common on the altars of churches.

In modern times, inspiration has been taken from these triptychs in both art and photography. One photograph may be split into three across three frames or canvases, or three different photos may be chosen and framed separately, but these three photos are similar to each other or connected in some way.

Triptych framing ideas

When you’ve got a lot of space to fill, a triptych can be a great alternative to a gallery wall made up of lots of photos. Let’s look at some tips and ideas that can help you choose the perfect triptych for your walls.

Landscape photography

Because triptychs tend to be wider than they are tall, landscape photos are perfect for this type of treatment. Whether it’s a photo you’ve taken on vacation or a professional photo that you admire, you can split this landscape into three connecting sections to create a striking framed wall.

Choose a subject

We’ve mentioned that a triptych can be three separate photos instead of one. One way this can work is by choosing a single subject, such as your baby or your dog, and framing three different photos from the same photoshoot. For example, you may take your baby for a professional newborn photoshoot or have a couple’s photoshoot done and frame your three favorites to position together. The fact that these photos are from the same moment maintains the strong visual link and continuity between them.

Choosing your frame

Once you’ve chosen the photo or photos to use for your triptych, you also have various decisions to make about the framing of the images. One style choice is whether to have the photo fill the frame completely, as is popular with canvas design, or to have white space between the frame and the photo. Custom framing professionals can help guide you through these decisions to choose the right frame and style to suit your preferences.

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