The Best Types of Photos to Choose for Gifts

A photo can make the perfect personal gift for a loved one. The possibilities are practically endless when it comes to taking or finding a photo to give as a gift. If you need some ideas, then here are a few options that the recipient is sure to love.

A photo of the recipient

Many people shy away from photos of themselves for a number of reasons, often because we don’t think we’re very photogenic. So, a photo of the recipient where they look nice or they look particularly happy could make a great gift. Photos like these are great to look back on as you get older.

A photo of the people they care about

But the recipient doesn’t have to be in the photo to make it a nice gift. If you’re getting a framed photo for your parents, for example, then a nice photo of you and your siblings together or of their grandchildren together will mean a lot to them. Pet photos also make great gifts for anyone with a pet.

A group or family photo

The next option combines the above two ideas; a photo of the recipient with their loved ones, so everyone’s involved. This could be a family photo, whether small or large, or a photo of the recipient with their friends. Or you could just use a photo of you and the recipient together, whether that’s a mother/daughter photo, two friends together, or husband and wife, for example.

Candid photos

Candid photos are great for capturing special moments, where people are enjoying the moment rather than posing. Take photos on a regular basis to capture the best candid photos, and try to be like a fly on the wall. Take photos of your kids while they’re playing, your friends when you’re enjoying some drinks together or getting ready to go out together, or your family when you’re on holiday together. They won’t always be great, but the ones that are can make the perfect frameable gift.

Photos of special moments

Maybe your loved one has done something amazing that they won’t want to forget, like graduating or going sky diving. Something that they’ll want to boast about to friends and look back on fondly. These achievements or special moments are great choices for framing and hanging on the wall.

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