Presenting Your Work: Tips for Aspiring Artists and Photographers

If you’re producing your own art, whether that’s paintings, drawings, photographs, or whatever else, then you want to be able to show off your hard work in the best way. But how do you go about this when you’re in the early days of your career, or even if art is still a hobby that you want to turn into something more? Let’s look at some tips and ideas to help you out.

Presenting your work online

Social media and other online platforms are a great way to get exposure for your work, gauge interest, and even get feedback on your art. Instagram, in particular, is an extremely visual platform with a massive user base. Facebook can still be a good option if you’re targeting a local audience, while TikTok is the latest platform to take the world by storm, especially among younger generations.

If you’re looking to sell your work online, then creating an Etsy store can be a great place to start. People browse Etsy for something unique to buy as a gift or for themselves, so it’s perfect for showcasing your art. For photographers, you could also try stock photo sites. While the pay may not be big, it’s a good way to start bringing in a bit of income from your work. Check out some other sites where you can try selling your art.

Presenting your work physically

A piece of art is almost always going to look better in person than online, so how do you break into the physical world when you’re starting to show and sell your art. One option is to open your own store or gallery to showcase your work and attract interested buyers, but of course, this takes quite a bit of capital to get started.

An earlier step could be to create a portfolio of your work to show to interested parties, particularly if you’re going to be pitching to galleries to show your work, for example. This is a much lower-cost investment that still allows you to show others your talent and show that you’re serious about pursuing your craft.

Then there’s the possibility of having your art shown in another gallery or exhibition. Do some research into local galleries and upcoming exhibitions in your area to see if anything would be a good fit, and don’t be afraid to reach out. You may face rejections, but each one is a step towards your work getting featured somewhere. Here are some tips to help you get your work exhibited.

Whether you’re presenting your work in your own store or an independent gallery, it needs to look professional. Custom framing your art could be the perfect finishing touch. Get in touch with Tanglewood Art and Frame to find out more about our custom framing services in Winston Salem and how we can bring the best out of your work.