The Process of Custom Framing

Ever wondered how the custom framing process works? Well, we’re here to explain this process to you to help you understand what’s involved in the art of custom framing. Read on to find out more about our process…

Choosing your materials

We work closely with our customers to get their input, helping to ensure that the final product is one they’re pleased with. So, when you bring something in to be framed, we look at all the elements of the frame together to choose the best ones. This includes the matting, the glazing, and the frame itself. There are lots of different styles, materials, and colors to choose from, and we can help by advising you what we think works best. Considering the room the frame will be placed in will also help you determine the right style and coloring.

Preparing the artwork

Whether it’s a photo, a painting, or a piece of memorabilia, we’ll first do any preparation work required to make sure the piece is in good shape and ready to be custom framed.

Mounting the artwork

With the carefully selected materials at hand, we start preparing the frame by, firstly, mounting the artwork to the backing board. This helps to keep the piece rigid, which is especially important for your typical 2D pieces such as photos and paintings. This process also keeps the artwork in place on the board so that it doesn’t slide about in the frame.

Matting the artwork

Next up is the matboard, which is applied on top of the artwork, essentially framing the piece itself. This piece of material keeps a small space between the artwork and the glazing, helping to keep it protected. Matboards are available in various colors to complement the artwork, the frame, and the room it will be placed in.

Glazing and framing the artwork

We craft the frame to suit the specifications agreed on at the beginning of the process and bring all the elements of the framed artwork together, including the glazing, creating the finished piece. There are various options when it comes to glazing, which serves the purpose of both protecting the artwork and presenting it as well as possible.

Professional custom framing gives you an excellent result compared to purchasing a standard frame in a store. If you’re looking for custom framing services around Winston Salem, NC, then contact us at Tanglewood Art and Frame to get a frame that fits perfectly in your home or workplace.