Bring New Life to Your Family Photos

When we were young, homes always had framed family photos up on the walls. Embarrassingly cute photos of you as a baby, your parents’ wedding day, photos of your grandparents in their youth. Today, it is so much easier to take good quality photos with just a tap of your smartphone screen but, often, that is where they stay. Last year, it was estimated that a total of 1.2 trillion photos would be taken over the world! Maybe we upload them to social media if we like the way we look in them, but photos are rarely printed out and framed anymore.

In theory, it’s great that we can easily store thousands of family photos on our phones and digital devices. But, the reality is that they rarely get revisited and are even at risk of being lost. By returning to tradition and putting your family photos up on the wall, you can preserve and bring new life to these treasured family photos.

Choose your best photos

Before digital cameras and smartphones, we took pictures and had them all printed without really knowing what they would look like. Maybe a few turned out well and we had them framed and put up on our walls. Today, we are constantly taking photos and we can instantly decide whether to keep or delete them.

You no longer have to waste time having your photos develop, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t print them at all. It means that we can be really selective about which family photos get the special treatment of being custom framed for your home or to give as a gift. It means that we can have some really great photos to admire every day rather than forgetting about them.

Preserving family photos

A good family photo on the wall will never go out of style because they’re the moments in life we want to remember. The best way to preserve these moments is to have them printed and custom framed. Through custom framing, you can keep them protected from the elements with quality framing materials, like glass that protects from UV rays. You can also present them in a way that makes them stand out and complement the rest of the room with different styles of frames and matboards to surround the photo.

You’ve probably got some amazing family photos saved somewhere in the cloud. It’s time to dig them out and get down to your local framing shop so that those pictures can always be remembered in your home. Contact us for custom framing around Advance, Winston Salem, Bermuda Run, Clemmons, Lewisville, and Mocksville.