Framing Clothes

Custom framing isn’t just for paintings and other works of art. There are a variety of objects and belongings that you could get framed to produce a really personal gift or keepsake for your own home. One thing that is popular to have framed is clothing.

Why get clothes framed?

What do you normally do with old clothes? They eventually get thrown out, donated to a charity store, or handed to a friend or relative. Even if it’s something that’s too sentimental to throw away, it’ll often just get left in an old cardboard box in your attic or somewhere else.

By framing clothes that you want to keep and cherish, you have a way to display them and preserve them for a long time. Framed clothes can also make a great gift for a friend or family member as it can be something that’s really personal to that person and that means a lot to them.

What kind of clothes do people frame?

Maybe you like the idea of framing an item of clothing, but aren’t sure what to go for. Here are a few popular items that we’ve framed in the past:

  • Baby clothes – Your babies aren’t going to stay at that adorable size forever, but you can remember the days when you held them in your arms by framing their baby clothes. Perhaps the outfit you brought them home from the hospital in or another memorable outfit.
  • Christening gowns – Your baby’s christening is a special day, and it’s one that you can remember forever by framing the gown that they wore on that day.
  • Wedding dresses – Brides spend a lot of money on wedding dresses only to wear them once! So, they get put away in storage to be seen every few years and remembered fondly. By framing the dress, or a small part of it such as the veil, you can have it in pride of place in your home.
  • Sports kits – Want to remember your glory days on the high school football team or the cheerleading squad? Or perhaps your child competed in lots of gymnastics competitions and you want to show how proud you are. Framing sports clothing such as jerseys, letterman jackets, cheerleading outfits, and leotards is a great way to commemorate these achievements.
  • Graduation caps – Your graduation day, or your child’s, is another big day to remember. You might have a picture of them holding their diploma up on your wall, but framing the graduation cap or gown is another great way to show your pride.

If you would like an item of clothing framed for your home or as a gift, then contact us or visit our store in Clemmons, NC to get your memories preserved in a custom frame.