Five Ways Custom Framing Can Enhance the Interior Design of Your Home

Custom framing is a great way to preserve your art so that you can keep it in good condition for years to come and even pass it down through the generations. But more than that, custom framing also adds a great deal to the appearance and design of your home. These are just a few ways that quality, custom framed artwork can enhance your interior design…

Display the artwork that you love

What better way to decorate your home than with artwork that you love? Whether it’s a professional painting that you admire, a family photograph, or your kid’s finger paintings, it’s always good to have things on the wall that you enjoy looking at or that bring back fond memories. This is a good way to design and decorate a room that you’ll like spending time in.

Choose a frame that adds style

With custom framed pictures, it’s not just about the picture itself but about the whole package. The frame you choose will also be an important part of the style and design of the room. Choose a frame that complements the color scheme and interior design of the rest of the room, whether that’s by matching colors and styles or choosing a contrasting frame that really stands out on your wall.

Matting with style

Not just the frame but also the matting surrounding your picture adds to your interior design. The matting is a great way to help small pictures fill up more space within a frame and also make those pictures stand out rather than shrink away in the frame. The color of your matting can also be chosen to match or contrast other colors in the room.

Add your own personal touches

Adding personal touches to your interior design is a great way to make a house feel like a home. You can personalize a room with pictures of things or places that interest you, or with personal memories from your life, like photos, certificates, or personal artwork. This is especially effective when you first move into a home, as they will likely be neutrally decorated. Adding your own custom framed pictures will give your house that lived-in look.

Whatever it is you want framing, Tanglewood Art and Frame can take care of it for you. Get in touch to let us know about what you want framing in Clemmons, North Carolina.

Encouraging Your Kids to Create Art

It’s a great moment for parents when your child comes home from school with their latest creation, and you get to stick it up on the fridge to show them how proud you are. But these moments shouldn’t just be limited to what they’re told to draw in school. They could be having fun with drawing, painting, and more creative pursuits after school, at the weekend, or in the school holidays.

The benefits of kids creating art

Creating art has so many benefits for kids. Mentally and emotionally speaking, art can be a great way to express ideas and feelings, especially at an age where they might not have the ability to really express how they feel through words. It’s a way of expressing themselves and exploring their thoughts and personality. It’s also a fun and engaging activity, providing some variety, especially if you’re trying to encourage your child to spend less time in front of screens.

Art also helps your child’s development in a number of ways, helping to support their education at the same time. It aids in developing hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, among other abilities. It can also be a useful tool for understanding concepts being taught to them, which is why drawing and painting are such popular activities in schools.

How to encourage your kids to create

So, how do you encourage your child to pursue art and other creative activities in their free time? One way is to get involved with them. You could each sit down and draw or paint a picture. Encourage them to draw whatever they want or you could set a theme or something more specific to draw. For younger children who may not be able to create their own art, you could draw an outline of a picture for them and have them color it in, similar to a coloring book but in a more engaging way that lets you bond with your child.

Buying your child a variety of arts and crafts supplies can also encourage them to be more creative. If you buy a selection of coloring pencils, crayons, and paint supplies, then they can choose what they want to do and what to create. Designing a space for their art activities can also be helpful, especially for messy activities like painting where they need to be able to create without making too much mess.

Finally, celebrating your child’s art by praising them and displaying their art will encourage them to do more.

If your child creates something that’s worthy of remembering and celebrating, then why not get it custom framed to stick up on the wall or on the mantlepiece? Contact Tanglewood Art and Frame or visit us in-store to find out more about our custom framing services around Clemmons and Winston Salem, NC.

The Best Types of Photos to Choose for Gifts

A photo can make the perfect personal gift for a loved one. The possibilities are practically endless when it comes to taking or finding a photo to give as a gift. If you need some ideas, then here are a few options that the recipient is sure to love.

A photo of the recipient

Many people shy away from photos of themselves for a number of reasons, often because we don’t think we’re very photogenic. So, a photo of the recipient where they look nice or they look particularly happy could make a great gift. Photos like these are great to look back on as you get older.

A photo of the people they care about

But the recipient doesn’t have to be in the photo to make it a nice gift. If you’re getting a framed photo for your parents, for example, then a nice photo of you and your siblings together or of their grandchildren together will mean a lot to them. Pet photos also make great gifts for anyone with a pet.

A group or family photo

The next option combines the above two ideas; a photo of the recipient with their loved ones, so everyone’s involved. This could be a family photo, whether small or large, or a photo of the recipient with their friends. Or you could just use a photo of you and the recipient together, whether that’s a mother/daughter photo, two friends together, or husband and wife, for example.

Candid photos

Candid photos are great for capturing special moments, where people are enjoying the moment rather than posing. Take photos on a regular basis to capture the best candid photos, and try to be like a fly on the wall. Take photos of your kids while they’re playing, your friends when you’re enjoying some drinks together or getting ready to go out together, or your family when you’re on holiday together. They won’t always be great, but the ones that are can make the perfect frameable gift.

Photos of special moments

Maybe your loved one has done something amazing that they won’t want to forget, like graduating or going sky diving. Something that they’ll want to boast about to friends and look back on fondly. These achievements or special moments are great choices for framing and hanging on the wall.

Whatever moment you want to be framed, for you or a loved one, Tanglewood Art and Frame are here to make it happen. Get in touch to find out more about our custom framing services or bring whatever you want framing into our store in Clemmons, NC.

Presenting Your Work: Tips for Aspiring Artists and Photographers

If you’re producing your own art, whether that’s paintings, drawings, photographs, or whatever else, then you want to be able to show off your hard work in the best way. But how do you go about this when you’re in the early days of your career, or even if art is still a hobby that you want to turn into something more? Let’s look at some tips and ideas to help you out.

Presenting your work online

Social media and other online platforms are a great way to get exposure for your work, gauge interest, and even get feedback on your art. Instagram, in particular, is an extremely visual platform with a massive user base. Facebook can still be a good option if you’re targeting a local audience, while TikTok is the latest platform to take the world by storm, especially among younger generations.

If you’re looking to sell your work online, then creating an Etsy store can be a great place to start. People browse Etsy for something unique to buy as a gift or for themselves, so it’s perfect for showcasing your art. For photographers, you could also try stock photo sites. While the pay may not be big, it’s a good way to start bringing in a bit of income from your work. Check out some other sites where you can try selling your art.

Presenting your work physically

A piece of art is almost always going to look better in person than online, so how do you break into the physical world when you’re starting to show and sell your art. One option is to open your own store or gallery to showcase your work and attract interested buyers, but of course, this takes quite a bit of capital to get started.

An earlier step could be to create a portfolio of your work to show to interested parties, particularly if you’re going to be pitching to galleries to show your work, for example. This is a much lower-cost investment that still allows you to show others your talent and show that you’re serious about pursuing your craft.

Then there’s the possibility of having your art shown in another gallery or exhibition. Do some research into local galleries and upcoming exhibitions in your area to see if anything would be a good fit, and don’t be afraid to reach out. You may face rejections, but each one is a step towards your work getting featured somewhere. Here are some tips to help you get your work exhibited.

Whether you’re presenting your work in your own store or an independent gallery, it needs to look professional. Custom framing your art could be the perfect finishing touch. Get in touch with Tanglewood Art and Frame to find out more about our custom framing services in Winston Salem and how we can bring the best out of your work.

Printing Your Photos at Home vs. In-Store

Most of us take a lot more photos than we used to since we have a pretty high-quality camera with us at all times thanks to smartphones. But these photos often get left on our devices and barely looked at again. Printing some of your best smartphone photos can allow you to frame your favorite moments and hang them on the wall or display them on shelves in your home.

You want to make sure that these photos look good, so what are your options for printing them? Let’s compare two options of printing your photos yourself at home or having them professionally printed in-store.

Home printing

You may be able to print your photos at home using your regular printer with some specific photo paper to produce a slightly sturdier and better-quality end result. Or you can get better results by purchasing a quality photo printer. Obviously the second option is costlier, but could give you much better-looking photos.

Generally speaking, you will need to adjust some of the settings on your printer or your laptop/computer to get the best results, which may require good knowledge or research into photography and printing. If you’re printing photos regularly, then this extra investment in terms of time spent learning the tools and money spent on a new printer can be worth it.

However, if you’re just printing a few photos a year, then it will be more cost and time-effective to simply choose between getting your photos printed professionally in-store or compromising on quality by printing your photos at home on good-quality photo printing paper.

Professional printing

Various stores offer printing services, from general stores and supermarkets to more specialist printing companies. The specialists are likely to be more costly but also produce better results, while general stores may be cheaper and more convenient but with slightly lower quality. Overall, it can be much more convenient to rely on professional, in-store printing rather than having to mess about with your own printers, cartridges, and paper to figure out how to print good-quality photos at home.

Another option is to use an online printing service, which will print your photos and mail them to you. All you have to do is send in digital files of the photos you want printing, plus information about the number and size of prints required.

When your photos are ready for the wall, come to Tanglewood Art and Frame to have them professionally custom framed, making sure you present them nicely in your home. Contact us for custom framing services around Advance, Winston Salem, Clemmons, Lewisville, and Mocksville, NC.

Fun Creations with Your Kids

When it comes to decorating your walls or shelves with artwork and frames, why not get your kids involved to add some more fun and personality to your décor? And you can enjoy a fun, family activity as well by creating something together. Here are some simple ideas for fun, creative activities you could do with your kids to make colorful creations for the walls of their bedroom or other places in the house.


Most kids will love the idea of getting messy and sticking their hands in paint without getting in trouble for it! Handprints in a picture frame make for a simple yet effective aesthetic. You may want to do this with your baby’s hand and footprints to look back at how small they were. And if you have more than one child, they can stamp their handprints in size/age order.

If you’re willing to take the risk, then colorful handprints can also make a fun and eye-catching decoration for the walls of the nursery or kids’ room. Draw out a border around the room in the middle of the wall and have your kids fill it with handprints! Look for non-toxic paint so that it’s safe for babies and infants, or you could even make your own safe paint.

Decorated frames

Good-quality and nice-looking frames don’t have to be your typical stained wood or sleek metal. Liven them up by letting your kids loose with the paints or crayons. This is a good way to personalize a baby photo or a photo of your kids playing together. They could draw or paint their art onto a plain frame or you could have fun with splatter art by flicking paintbrushes at the frame in different colors of paint.

Squirt gun painting

Water fights with squirt guns are already a fun activity, but you can also have fun with them without getting wet by using them to paint a blank canvas or piece of card. Buy a few of those cheap, plastic squirt guns (or use ones you already have lying around) and fill each with a different colored paint.

Squirt the paint at the blank canvas from close up or further away and in different colors to create fun and interesting patterns. Do this outdoors to keep your home safe from flying paint, and make sure you lay some ground rules so your kids don’t start spraying paint on each other’s clothes or in faces.

What fun and imaginative creations could you make with your kids? If you need a custom frame for your creations or for their photos and artwork, then contact Tanglewood Art and Frame or visit us in our Clemmons store.

Tips for Your Wedding Photos

Your wedding day will, hopefully, be one of the most special and memorable days of your life, so of course you want the best keepsakes and photographs to remember it by. At Tanglewood Art and Frame, we’re here to custom frame your best memories, so let’s look at some tips and ideas for the photos of your big day.

Hiring a professional photographer

Obviously, weddings can be very expensive. If you’re working to a budget, this might tempt you to save on certain areas, for example by having a friend or family member be in charge of the photos during the day. While this can be a nice idea, hiring a professional photographer really puts your mind at ease that the photos are taken care of properly, so there’s one less thing to stress about on the day. And your friend or family member can enjoy the day, too, without the responsibilities of the photographer.

Posed and candid

It’s common to see wedding photos of the happy couple or the wider families and wedding parties posing nicely for the camera. These photos can be great and may be the ones to make it to your wall, but we’d recommend a combination of both posed and candid photos.

Some of the best moments can be captured while people are getting ready, walking up the aisle, and talking and laughing at the reception. So, as well as the more formal photoshoot, make sure your photographer is around for parts of the day to take unplanned and unposed photos.

Leave some photography to the guests

In a casual way, it can be a nice idea to have your guests snap some photos during the day and evening. Some couples leave polaroid cameras or disposable cameras around the venue for guests to use. They can pose for a photo or take candid photos themselves. The results can be really fun, especially once everyone’s had a few drinks after the ceremony.

Choosing your photos for custom framing

After the wedding, you will likely have to meet with your photographer to choose your favorite photos to be framed or placed in a scrapbook of the day. When choosing photos for your wall or mantlepiece, you may choose a few photos to be framed individually or you could make a collage of photos to be framed as one piece. Here, it’s a good idea to choose a mixture of posed and candid photos to get a full range of the day.

There’s a wide variety of materials and styles to consider when choosing all the elements of your custom frames, but we can help you make the best decisions to really complement your photos and make them stand out. Get in touch or visit our store in Clemmons, NC for more advice about custom framing your wedding photos.

Metal vs. Wood Frames

When you’re browsing or shopping for store-bought photo frames, you will commonly see both wooden and metal frames. If you’re designing and buying a custom frame, then you’ll need to choose the material of your frame, too. So, if you’re deciding between metal and wood frames, let’s look at some of the differences and benefits of the aesthetics of each.

Metal picture frames

Metal picture frames are a good choice if you’re looking for a modern aesthetic or even an industrial one depending on the materials and finishes you use. So, if the piece you’re framing has a modern look and feel to it, then a metal frame could complement it perfectly. Or perhaps the modern aesthetic matches the design and décor of the room you are placing the frame in.

A variety of metals can be used for picture frames, including aluminum, silver, and bronze. Each will have its own style and benefits. Aluminum is a particularly lightweight option for framing as well as a more affordable one than silver and bronze. These are all durable options and can be more cost-effective than wood frames. And you’ve got lots of choices when it comes to choosing colors and finishing your frame.

Wood picture frames

Wood is a classic look for your photo frames and can have a wide variety of styles and shades. MDF is a common material used for wooden frames, although a range of hardwoods and softwoods can also be used for different aesthetics and greater durability. Both engineered and natural wood can be used as well.

Applying different finishes to the wood will also have a big impact on how it looks. You can opt for a frame with a rustic appeal or something a little more polished. You can have pretty much any shade of brown imaginable between different types of wood and finishes, as well as the option to paint it a completely different color to match the palette of the room and its décor.

Compared to metal, wood frames add a little more warmth to the room and can be more unique due to the slight variations in grain from natural wood. Wood is a durable material, although they can be more expensive than metal frames depending on the material you choose.

Visit Tanglewood in-store or contact us online to find out more about our custom framing services. We can frame almost anything you want, from 2D art to 3D memorabilia and lots more.

Tips for Decorating Your Kid’s Room

Your child’s bedroom is somewhere you can get really fun, colorful, and creative when it comes to decorating. You could decorate it in a way that reflects the things they love, whether that’s dinosaurs, cute animals, or superheroes, for example. Or you could just opt for bright colors and more generic decorations like geometric patterns. After all, some young kids tend to move quickly from one phase to the next when it comes to their interests.

If you’re looking for some interesting ways to decorate your kid’s room, then here are some fun ideas you could try.


Decals are a simple way to apply patterns and images to your kid’s walls. The image or pattern is prepared on some material and then can be easily transferred to the wall. These can be made in a wide variety of sizes, so you could cover one wall with an image of their favorite character or animal, for example, or apply lots of different images as a kind of border. There are lots of possibilities when it comes to decals.


You can add pops of color to their walls with posters, which can be stuck up on their own, prepared on canvas, or custom framed and hung up. Kids will love choosing their own posters or pulling them out of magazines. And you can find posters for pretty much anything your child is interested in.


Framed photos are another great option for your kid’s walls. Parents are especially likely to do this when the child is still a baby or infant, framing baby photos and putting them up on the walls. As they get older, your child may want to choose their own photos, such as a fun family moment or photos of them with their friends.

Framed toys and keepsakes

At Tanglewood Art and Frame, we don’t just frame 2D pieces like photos and artwork, but also 3D objects. Maybe your child has a favorite toy they no longer play with, an item of clothing they’ve grown out of, or a baby blanket, for example. You could have this item, or multiple items of this kind, custom framed and hung on the wall.

If you need any custom framing services for decorating your child’s room or any other areas in your home, then contact Tanglewood Art and Frame to find out more about our services, or visit us in-store in Clemmons, NC.

Fun and Quirky Family Photo Ideas

Having a professional family photoshoot is a great way to get high-quality photos of your family that you can frame and cherish forever, proudly displaying them on your wall. Whether it’s just a couple, parents with their kids, or the whole extended family, you can get great results for your family portrait.

But maybe you don’t want the old, stuffy idea of four people stood together nicely in perfect height order, or sat politely with their hands on their laps. If this isn’t for you, then you don’t have to worry. You can do lots of fun or crazy poses during your professional photoshoot. The photographer may even have some of their own ideas that you can try.

Here are some fun ideas that could make a great family photo for your walls…

Green screen

If you don’t want a traditional picture in front of a plain backdrop, find a photographer who can do photoshoots in front of a green screen background. This means you can choose from a variety of backdrops, whether you want to transport yourself to Paris or fly off into space. You can choose a variety of fun and interesting backdrops and strike a pose in front of them.

Get messy

If you’ve got young kids, then life in your house likely never looks as neat and tidy as a posed family portrait does. Celebrate this messiness in your family photo by capturing a moment of fun and chaos. You could have a water fight or a food fight in front of the camera and let the photographer capture the chaos. Your kids are sure to love it, which is easier than trying to convince them to smile for the camera.

Dress up

You don’t have to be in your Sunday best to take a family photo. Why not dress up as your favorite characters or celebrities? This is one that’s likely to appeal to kids and adults alike. You could all dress up as superheroes or characters from your favorite movie, for example, even better if they’re a family themselves. Get fun and wacky for an interesting family photo that shows off your personality.

Recreate an old photo

This is a popular one for grown-up siblings to do for their parents. Find an old photo of when you were babies or young children – the goofier and more embarrassing the better! Now recreate that photo by striking the same poses and even recreating the outfits you wore (or didn’t wear in the case of embarrassing bath time photos). These photos can make fun and touching gifts for your parents.

Make your family photos fun and unique, and make them worthy of the wall with custom framing from Tanglewood Art and Frame. Contact us to find out more about our services in Clemmons and Winston Salem, NC.