Why You Should Have It Framed at a Gallery

When you have a piece of art or a photograph you want to display in your home, you’ll need to go out and get it framed. Framing a picture helps to protect it and makes it look good on your wall. When it comes to this task, you have two main options – buy a frame from a store and frame the picture yourself, or go to a professional for custom framing.

Custom framing may sound like an unnecessary investment, but there are lots of advantages to choosing a professional framing service. Here are just a few of those advantages:

Specialized materials

Professional framers have access to high-quality, specialized materials and, more importantly, they understand how and when to use them. Frames available to buy in a store often use standard materials that are prone to damage pieces of art. Professional art framers will use things like glass that protects from UV rays and will know when to use these kinds of materials.

Custom shapes and sizes

Frames available to buy in store are only available in certain dimensions. This means that, if your artwork doesn’t happen to perfectly match one of these standard sized-frames, it will have to be stuffed in to fit the best closest match, which can lead to damage. Professional framers can design a frame specifically to fit your piece of art. So, even if you want to frame something with unusual dimensions or an awkward shape, you can walk away with the perfect fit.


With a custom frame, you can get something that’s truly unique, rather than buying a mass-produced frame that’s available for anyone to buy. This is especially important if what you’re having framed is unique. If you want to frame a nice family photo or your child’s best artwork, then it deserves and equally unique home to live in.


One of the main objectives of framing something is to protect and preserve it, and custom framing is the best way to do this. A professional will use techniques and materials that are intended to keep your art in the best possible condition. Materials that contain acid can wash out and damage artwork, for example. Professional framing will keep your art looking good and will also help to retain its value, helping you to preserve your memories.

If you’re in need of a custom framing service, then contact Tanglewood Art and Frame Gallery. We serve North Carolina including Clemmons, Advance, Winston Salem, Bermuda Run, Lewisville, and Mocksville.

Preserving Memories

Preserving Memories

Now that practically everything has gone digital and online, it is a lot easier to take, store, and access photos. But, think about it, how often do you go through old photos on your phone and laptop and show them to friends and family? It seems like we used to do this a lot more often when we only dealt with actual photo prints. Now we just delete old photos to make room for new ones. It would be a shame to miss out on activities like passing around an old family album to look at embarrassing photos from when we were kids and when Dad still had some hair on his head.

If you lost your phone or dropped it in the bath, how many photos and memories would you lose along with it? If you’re anything like me, then those memories are worth way more than the cost of the phone you’ve just lost. That’s why we’re on a mission to help people restore and preserve their memories.

How we help you to preserve memories

Here at Tanglewood Art and Frame Gallery, we not only sell artwork, but also help to restore your photos and artwork, and frame them to produce a quality piece of custom art. A lot of us take more photos than we used to, but they all just get saved to the cloud and lost in the ether, never to be looked at again. If you’ve got a picture of a happy family memory or a shot of you and your friends having fun, then print it out, bring it in, and get it framed.

Maybe your kid brings home a fabulous piece of art they’ve drawn at school. Instead of sticking it on the fridge for a week or taking a picture of it to upload to Facebook, have it framed in a custom frame that will look great on your wall. Show off your pride, and maybe even embarrass them a little when they get older!

Having photos and artwork framed with museum glass is a great way to preserve it for a long time and present it in a way that you’ll be proud to display in your home. It’s time we gave our family history and memories the attention they deserve again.

If you want to have some of your photos or artwork framed for display, then get in touch with us at Tanglewood Art and Frame Gallery. We’re located in Clemmons, NC, and serve areas across the state, including Advance, Winston Salem, Bermuda Run, Lewisville, and Mocksville.