The Best Ideas for How to Display Your Travel Photos

You make so many amazing memories while traveling and you’ll see lots of incredible sights. Your photo reel will probably be full by the end of your trip, but what do you do with those photos? It’s a shame to leave them on your phone only to be viewed once in a blue moon, but it can be hard to know how to show them off.

We’ve got some ideas about how you can do your travel photos justice. Check out these interesting ways of displaying your travel photos.

A large feature piece

If there’s a single photo that you absolutely love, then it can make a great statement piece in any room. Print that photo in large dimensions and place it above the fireplace, behind the TV, above your bed, or on any wall with enough space for this kind of feature. This photo can be a real focal point of the room, one that everyone notices when they first walk in. Good options include printing your feature piece on canvas or having it custom framed.

Travel photo collage

If you prefer to display lots of smaller photos from your travels, then you can always make a collage of your favorite photos. Just select a group of photos and print them out together in a collage that you can have custom framed. Or, you can print and frame them all separately, arranging them nicely together to create a stylish photo wall.

Mantlepiece displays

This one is a great choice for renters who might not be able to hang pictures or frames on the walls due to restrictions set by their landlords. Mantlepieces, shelves, and window ledges are all great places to show off your framed photos. You can choose a few smaller photos and frames to display across the mantle, or a slightly larger centerpiece photo frame.

Photo prints

Maybe you don’t have the perfect space to display your photos but you still want to get them offline. You could always create a photobook of all your favorite pics or print them out and place them in a traditional photo album. Another great idea is to have a custom calendar printed with some of your favorite photos from the previous year. If you travel a lot, then you can create a new calendar each year with your latest travel pics.

Are you ready to frame your travel photos? Come into our frame shop in Clemmons to find out how we can perfectly present your memories. Or contact us online to inquire about our services and prices.

Diploma Framing

When you graduate college, you don’t just come out of it with a piece of paper. You hopefully come out of it with friendships and memories of great experiences, knowledge and skills that will help you start your career, and so much more. But that piece of paper serves as a great representation of everything you achieved over the past few years, so it is worth honoring.

Here at Tanglewood Art and Frame, we can frame your diploma for you so that you can display your achievement proudly.

Why you should have your diploma framed

If you don’t have your diploma framed, then it will probably be filed away in a drawer or box and be forgotten about. You might get it out every few years to reminisce on your achievement and time in college, but that’s all. Isn’t it better to hang it on the wall for all to see, displaying something you’re proud to have achieved?

The other risk of storing your paper diploma is that it could become damaged. Bent corners and faded text can easily occur when it’s not looked after properly. Framing your diploma properly will preserve it, keeping it safe and looking great. With high-quality glass protecting it, it won’t succumb to sun damage, either.

Tips and ideas for diploma framing

There are lots of places you could proudly display your diploma. Most people will either hang it in their home, their parents’ home, or their office, especially for professions like doctors and lawyers.

The best thing about custom framing is that you can choose each material in order to create something that suits your style and preferences. The color of the frame and matting, the material of the frame, and other aspects of the final product will decide how your diploma is presented. You can also make these design choices with the room in mind if you know where you’ll hang it. Matting especially helps your diploma to stand out within the frame.

You could even customize your framed diploma with other mementos from college or your graduation day. For example, you could hang the tassel from your graduation cap from the corner of your diploma. You could also frame photos from the day or your best memories from college and display them as a kind of collage of individually framed pieces.

Get creative and decide the best way to show off your diploma. Contact us if you want more ideas or guidance on which materials to use. You can visit us in-store in Clemmons, NC to get your diploma framed.

Why You Should Always Hire A Professional Framer

When it comes to framing a painting, photograph, or anything else, you could simply go down to the store and buy a standard frame to place the piece in. While this may be the quicker and cheaper route to take, it has a few downsides since the frame and the materials weren’t chosen specifically for the piece you’re framing. This is likely to affect the appearance of the final result and could even damage the artwork if you have to cram it into a frame that’s too small. This method is also cheaper because lower quality materials are typically used, which will impact how well the artwork is preserved over time.

If you really want to respect the art and present and preserve it in the best way possible, then it is always better to have it professionally framed. Here are a few reasons why you should hire a professional, custom framer.

We know how to preserve art

There are a lot of different components and materials that go into framing art, and we understand each of them in great detail. This means we can choose the glass, matting, and frame that will best complement and protect your artwork. More than just appearance, quality framing materials help to keep your art in good condition by preventing sun damage, glare, and other factors.

Size matters

You can choose from a range of stock sizes when you buy a frame in store, but they’re just that – stock sizes. This means that none of them are likely to fit your artwork perfectly. When you choose custom framing instead, the frame is made to fit the artwork, not the other way around. This means the frame will be the perfect size for the piece of art or photograph you want to hang.

Looks matter, too

The same goes for the appearance of your artwork, the way it looks in the frame, and the way the framed piece looks in the room. With store-bought frames, you just have to try and get the best match from what’s available. With custom framing, the color, style, and material of the frame can be chosen to perfectly match the piece it will frame, as well as complementing the design of the room at the same time.

If you need custom framing in the Advance, Winston Salem, Bermuda Run, Clemmons, Lewisville, and Mocksville areas, then get in touch with Tanglewood Art and Frame or visit our custom frame shop in Clemmons, NC.

What Does a Professional Picture Framing Service Do?

Have you ever taken a photo or a work of art in to be professionally framed? If you haven’t, then you might be unclear about the exact role of a professional picture framing service. How does it differ from simply buying a frame from a shop, and what advantages can a professional service offer you? This article will shed some light on what a professional picture framing service is and does.

Custom framing

As the name suggests, a professional picture framing service can frame your pictures, photographs, and paintings for you. The work is very varied, and things you can have framed aren’t only limited to 2-dimensional pieces of paper. There are lots of different items you can have custom framed. Custom framing artwork ensures that it is placed properly in a frame that suits the artwork in size and style. The frames are made to fit the art, unlike buying store-bought frames that come in standard sizes.

Understand the customer’s needs

When you bring something in to be framed, a professional custom framer will first talk to you about what you want from the finished piece. If you have any preferences about the color or material of the frame, matting or no matting, and other aspects of framing, then you can let them know. They may also ask about the design and style of the room the framed work will be placed in.

Understand the materials

A professional framing service has in-depth knowledge about the different materials that can and should be used in custom framing. This article explains the main components that go into a frame. Custom framing services have access to the best quality materials to ensure you get a finished piece that looks great and is built to last. They can also recommend which materials to use if you want to save money on custom framing without compromising the quality of your art too much.

Photo restoration

Another service offered by many professional picture framing services is photo restoration. If you have old photos that have become worn or damaged over time, you can still display them proudly thanks to photo restoration services. Through these techniques, old photos can be restored to their original glory or improved to appear more similar to the high definition photos we are used to today.

Do you need the services of a custom framing or professional picture framing shop? Tanglewood Art and Frame can meet all your framing and restoration needs around Advance, Winston Salem, Bermuda Run, Clemmons, Lewisville, and Mocksville. Get in touch to find out how we can help you.

Things to Consider When Custom Framing

Custom framing your prized possessions, special memories, or just a nice work of art for your home is a great way to present these things in an attractive way. If you’ve decided to have something custom framed for the first time, then you might be wondering where to start. This blog will guide you through some of the key decisions you need to make and what you need to consider when custom framing.


A mat surrounds your artwork for both protective and aesthetic reasons. The first decision to make is whether or not to have a mat, which we help you answer in this article. If you do want to mat your art, there are two main considerations – color and material.

You want to choose a color that complements the artwork without drawing the focus away from it. When matting a photo or picture, the best technique is to choose a color that matches an element of the background, such as the blue of the sky or the green of the trees, depending on the photo’s subject.

The materials to choose from are paper, cellulose, and rag mats. These increase in quality, with paper being the lowest and rag offering museum-grade quality. Obviously, the higher-grade ones will cost more, but they will protect your artwork and won’t alter its color over time.


Glazing refers to the material the protects the artwork and completes the frame, usually either with glass or clear plastic. Higher quality materials offer additional benefits while also increasing in price, so choose one that suits your needs. Museum glass is the highest quality, ensuring that glare is eliminated and that your art is protected from UV rays. Plexiglass is another good option that is also more lightweight than museum glass. Here’s a quick comparison of these two choices.


Now for the frame itself. Like with matting, your main decisions here are material and color. Dimensions come into it too, but these are pretty much determined by the shape and size of your artwork. The material and color of your frame will mostly come down to personal aesthetic tastes, although certain materials will be stronger and longer-lasting than others. Again, you should try to choose a color that complements the artwork rather than the room it’s placed in or any other frames around it. Various types of wood and metal are the most commonly used materials for custom framing.

Have something you want custom framing in the North Carolina area? Bring it into our shop in Clemmons and we will give you a quote for the piece. We can also advise you on any of the above decisions if you’re not sure which way to go. Get in touch if you have any questions about custom framing. We’re happy to help anyone around Advance, Winston Salem, Bermuda Run, Clemmons, Lewisville, Mocksville, and beyond.

Why You Should Have It Framed at a Gallery

When you have a piece of art or a photograph you want to display in your home, you’ll need to go out and get it framed. Framing a picture helps to protect it and makes it look good on your wall. When it comes to this task, you have two main options – buy a frame from a store and frame the picture yourself, or go to a professional for custom framing.

Custom framing may sound like an unnecessary investment, but there are lots of advantages to choosing a professional framing service. Here are just a few of those advantages:

Specialized materials

Professional framers have access to high-quality, specialized materials and, more importantly, they understand how and when to use them. Frames available to buy in a store often use standard materials that are prone to damage pieces of art. Professional art framers will use things like glass that protects from UV rays and will know when to use these kinds of materials.

Custom shapes and sizes

Frames available to buy in store are only available in certain dimensions. This means that, if your artwork doesn’t happen to perfectly match one of these standard sized-frames, it will have to be stuffed in to fit the best closest match, which can lead to damage. Professional framers can design a frame specifically to fit your piece of art. So, even if you want to frame something with unusual dimensions or an awkward shape, you can walk away with the perfect fit.


With a custom frame, you can get something that’s truly unique, rather than buying a mass-produced frame that’s available for anyone to buy. This is especially important if what you’re having framed is unique. If you want to frame a nice family photo or your child’s best artwork, then it deserves and equally unique home to live in.


One of the main objectives of framing something is to protect and preserve it, and custom framing is the best way to do this. A professional will use techniques and materials that are intended to keep your art in the best possible condition. Materials that contain acid can wash out and damage artwork, for example. Professional framing will keep your art looking good and will also help to retain its value, helping you to preserve your memories.

If you’re in need of a custom framing service, then contact Tanglewood Art and Frame Gallery. We serve North Carolina including Clemmons, Advance, Winston Salem, Bermuda Run, Lewisville, and Mocksville.

Help Protect Your Memories with Custom Framing

Memories are precious things. We sometimes get caught up with the material things in life, but it’s the memories of people, places, and experiences that really matter. Over time, memories can become faded in our minds and we don’t think about them as often. This is why it can be so special to give a gift or buy yourself something that commemorates a special memory. Custom framing is a great way to protect and preserve your memories.

Custom framed photos

Photographs of events and special memories are the most obvious way to protect memories with custom framing. You can frame a family photo, your children’s first school photo, pictures from a holiday, a birthday, graduation, a fun night out, a crazy experience like bungee jumping. There are endless options for framing photos that mean something to you and that you want to remember.

Other memories you can frame

It doesn’t just have to be photos that remind you of a specific time or place. There are lots of other things you can have framed, like your college diploma, a certificate your child earned, or something they drew at school. You might have a habit of keeping mementos from specific times in your life. Some people keep every movie stub they’ve collected on dates with their partner. You could make these into a collage and have them framed to commemorate your relationship.

Shadow box framing

It’s not only 2-dimensional memories that you can have custom framed. Shadow box framing allows you to frame 3-dimensional objects, too. If your children have grown out of all their childhood toys, you might find it difficult to get rid of them all and let go of the past. To remember this special time in their life, you could have their favorite childhood toy framed and put up on the wall. Get creative and frame anything important to you – stones from your favorite beaches, keychains from different cities you’ve visited, or medals you won from competing in a sport.

Sharing memories with others

Having your memories custom framed isn’t just about remembering and celebrating them yourselves, it can also be a way of sharing them with other people. Maybe there was a holiday or another experience that you’ll never forget, but you don’t often get the opportunity to talk about it with other people. Displaying that memory in your home is a great way of sharing it with friends and family members when they visit your house.

Don’t let those memories go to waste. Get in touch with us at Tanglewood Art and Frame to protect them forever.

A Guide to Custom Framing Art

Anyone can buy a standard picture frame and put a family photo or piece of art in it. But if you want to give your treasured pieces the best treatment possible and leave them looking their best on your wall, then you’re better off opting for a custom framing service. If you’re confused about custom framing, this guide will take you through the basics of it. We’ll look at the three main components you can see in a framed photo and some tips on how to choose them.

Choosing a frame

The frame is obviously an important part of custom framing. This will provide the final border of your piece, so it needs to complement the picture and the room it will be hung in. There are lots of different materials, colors, and styles to choose from when selecting a frame, so you might want to ask the professionals for advice on what will work best. Some popular materials include gold leaf and silver leaf, resin, and various wood and metal materials.

The key is to always choose a frame that suits the picture, rather than trying to use the same style frames for a number of pieces of art.

Choosing matting

You can place a mat around your artwork to create a space between it and the frame. You don’t need to have a matboard in your framed art, but it does serve both decorative and protective purposes. Matting helps to make the piece of art the main focus of the entire piece, rather than being drawn to the frame. Mats can be different colors and materials to complement the piece in the best way.

In terms of protection, the matting is raised slightly above the artwork it surrounds. This creates a small space between the glass and the artwork, preventing the art from sticking to the glass and becoming damaged.

Choosing glass

Finally, you need some glass in your frame to protect your art from the elements. Different types of glass have different properties that provide different levels of protection. Museum glass is one of the best options. It effectively blocks UV rays so that your art doesn’t get sun damaged, and it prevents glare from light so you can view your art properly from all angles. Regular glass will not have these properties but is cheaper than Museum glass. Plexiglass is another option, which is much more lightweight than glass.

If you need custom picture framing for your favorite piece of artwork in Clemmons, NC, then get in touch with Tanglewood Art and Frame or visit us in store.

Five Ways Custom Framing Can Enhance the Interior Design of Your Office

Your office shouldn’t be a boring, lifeless place. You want it to be a pleasant environment so that you and your employees enjoy spending time there and can work productively in it. The way you decorate your office can help to boost employee morale, productivity, and job satisfaction levels. So, it’s not something you should ignore. Adding custom framed pieces of art to your office décor is a great way to enhance the space, and here are a few reasons why.

1. Add color and warmth

A dull, drably decorated office can leave employees feeling bored and drained, which aren’t the best factors for motivation and productivity. Add some life to the room with colorful and visually appealing framed artwork. Without even being aware of it, the people in your office could have their spirits boosted just from being surrounded by color and interesting sights.

2. Inspire creativity

This one’s especially good for offices in creative industries. When an employee is stuck for ideas and lacking that creative spark, perhaps staring at a fabulous piece of art on the wall could ignite it for them. Artwork from great painters, custom framed on the walls of your office could inspire greatness and creativity in you and your team. Or you could frame images with inspirational quotes on them for even more motivation.

3. Personalize desk space

Custom framing doesn’t have to be just for the walls. You can frame photos to place on surfaces like desks, with a stylish stand to prop them up. Employees could place their own custom framed photos on their desks of their friends, family, a holiday, or just a picture or piece of art that they like. This can boost their morale and motivation during the work day as well as making their workspace feel personal to them.

4. Brand your office

If you welcome clients and other people into your offices for meetings, then it’s important that you display your company’s branding prominently. The way you decorate your office is a big part of this. Using your brand colors to decorate your office will help to keep everything in line with your corporate image, and custom framing can help you add to this.

5. Display achievements

If your company or an employee has won an award or been recognized in another way, then why not remind everyone of that? Having a certificate or positive newspaper article custom framed is a great way to display these achievements and continue to aspire greatness and good work from your staff.

If you need commercial framing for your office, then you can contact us at Tanglewood Art and Frame. We’re a professional frame shop in Clemmons, NC that serves customers across North Carolina, including Advance, Winston Salem, Bermuda Run, Clemmons, Lewisville, and Mocksville.

Five Ways Custom Framing Can Enhance the Interior Design of Your Home

Custom framing is a great way to preserve your art so that you can keep it in good condition for years to come and even pass it down through the generations. But more than that, custom framing also adds a great deal to the appearance and design of your home. These are just a few ways that quality, custom framed artwork can enhance your interior design…

Display the artwork that you love

What better way to decorate your home than with artwork that you love? Whether it’s a professional painting that you admire, a family photograph, or your kid’s finger paintings, it’s always good to have things on the wall that you enjoy looking at or that bring back fond memories. This is a good way to design and decorate a room that you’ll like spending time in.

Choose a frame that adds style

With custom framed pictures, it’s not just about the picture itself but about the whole package. The frame you choose will also be an important part of the style and design of the room. Choose a frame that complements the color scheme and interior design of the rest of the room, whether that’s by matching colors and styles or choosing a contrasting frame that really stands out on your wall.

Matting with style

Not just the frame but also the matting surrounding your picture adds to your interior design. The matting is a great way to help small pictures fill up more space within a frame and also make those pictures stand out rather than shrink away in the frame. The color of your matting can also be chosen to match or contrast other colors in the room.

Add your own personal touches

Adding personal touches to your interior design is a great way to make a house feel like a home. You can personalize a room with pictures of things or places that interest you, or with personal memories from your life, like photos, certificates, or personal artwork. This is especially effective when you first move into a home, as they will likely be neutrally decorated. Adding your own custom framed pictures will give your house that lived-in look.

Whatever it is you want framing, Tanglewood Art and Frame can take care of it for you. Get in touch to let us know about what you want framing in Clemmons, North Carolina.