A Guide to Custom Framing Art

Anyone can buy a standard picture frame and put a family photo or piece of art in it. But if you want to give your treasured pieces the best treatment possible and leave them looking their best on your wall, then you’re better off opting for a custom framing service. If you’re confused about custom framing, this guide will take you through the basics of it. We’ll look at the three main components you can see in a framed photo and some tips on how to choose them.

Choosing a frame

The frame is obviously an important part of custom framing. This will provide the final border of your piece, so it needs to complement the picture and the room it will be hung in. There are lots of different materials, colors, and styles to choose from when selecting a frame, so you might want to ask the professionals for advice on what will work best. Some popular materials include gold leaf and silver leaf, resin, and various wood and metal materials.

The key is to always choose a frame that suits the picture, rather than trying to use the same style frames for a number of pieces of art.

Choosing matting

You can place a mat around your artwork to create a space between it and the frame. You don’t need to have a matboard in your framed art, but it does serve both decorative and protective purposes. Matting helps to make the piece of art the main focus of the entire piece, rather than being drawn to the frame. Mats can be different colors and materials to complement the piece in the best way.

In terms of protection, the matting is raised slightly above the artwork it surrounds. This creates a small space between the glass and the artwork, preventing the art from sticking to the glass and becoming damaged.

Choosing glass

Finally, you need some glass in your frame to protect your art from the elements. Different types of glass have different properties that provide different levels of protection. Museum glass is one of the best options. It effectively blocks UV rays so that your art doesn’t get sun damaged, and it prevents glare from light so you can view your art properly from all angles. Regular glass will not have these properties but is cheaper than Museum glass. Plexiglass is another option, which is much more lightweight than glass.

If you need custom picture framing for your favorite piece of artwork in Clemmons, NC, then get in touch with Tanglewood Art and Frame or visit us in store.

Five Ways Custom Framing Can Enhance the Interior Design of Your Office

Your office shouldn’t be a boring, lifeless place. You want it to be a pleasant environment so that you and your employees enjoy spending time there and can work productively in it. The way you decorate your office can help to boost employee morale, productivity, and job satisfaction levels. So, it’s not something you should ignore. Adding custom framed pieces of art to your office décor is a great way to enhance the space, and here are a few reasons why.

1. Add color and warmth

A dull, drably decorated office can leave employees feeling bored and drained, which aren’t the best factors for motivation and productivity. Add some life to the room with colorful and visually appealing framed artwork. Without even being aware of it, the people in your office could have their spirits boosted just from being surrounded by color and interesting sights.

2. Inspire creativity

This one’s especially good for offices in creative industries. When an employee is stuck for ideas and lacking that creative spark, perhaps staring at a fabulous piece of art on the wall could ignite it for them. Artwork from great painters, custom framed on the walls of your office could inspire greatness and creativity in you and your team. Or you could frame images with inspirational quotes on them for even more motivation.

3. Personalize desk space

Custom framing doesn’t have to be just for the walls. You can frame photos to place on surfaces like desks, with a stylish stand to prop them up. Employees could place their own custom framed photos on their desks of their friends, family, a holiday, or just a picture or piece of art that they like. This can boost their morale and motivation during the work day as well as making their workspace feel personal to them.

4. Brand your office

If you welcome clients and other people into your offices for meetings, then it’s important that you display your company’s branding prominently. The way you decorate your office is a big part of this. Using your brand colors to decorate your office will help to keep everything in line with your corporate image, and custom framing can help you add to this.

5. Display achievements

If your company or an employee has won an award or been recognized in another way, then why not remind everyone of that? Having a certificate or positive newspaper article custom framed is a great way to display these achievements and continue to aspire greatness and good work from your staff.

If you need commercial framing for your office, then you can contact us at Tanglewood Art and Frame. We’re a professional frame shop in Clemmons, NC that serves customers across North Carolina, including Advance, Winston Salem, Bermuda Run, Clemmons, Lewisville, and Mocksville.

Five Ways Custom Framing Can Enhance the Interior Design of Your Home

Custom framing is a great way to preserve your art so that you can keep it in good condition for years to come and even pass it down through the generations. But more than that, custom framing also adds a great deal to the appearance and design of your home. These are just a few ways that quality, custom framed artwork can enhance your interior design…

Display the artwork that you love

What better way to decorate your home than with artwork that you love? Whether it’s a professional painting that you admire, a family photograph, or your kid’s finger paintings, it’s always good to have things on the wall that you enjoy looking at or that bring back fond memories. This is a good way to design and decorate a room that you’ll like spending time in.

Choose a frame that adds style

With custom framed pictures, it’s not just about the picture itself but about the whole package. The frame you choose will also be an important part of the style and design of the room. Choose a frame that complements the color scheme and interior design of the rest of the room, whether that’s by matching colors and styles or choosing a contrasting frame that really stands out on your wall.

Matting with style

Not just the frame but also the matting surrounding your picture adds to your interior design. The matting is a great way to help small pictures fill up more space within a frame and also make those pictures stand out rather than shrink away in the frame. The color of your matting can also be chosen to match or contrast other colors in the room.

Add your own personal touches

Adding personal touches to your interior design is a great way to make a house feel like a home. You can personalize a room with pictures of things or places that interest you, or with personal memories from your life, like photos, certificates, or personal artwork. This is especially effective when you first move into a home, as they will likely be neutrally decorated. Adding your own custom framed pictures will give your house that lived-in look.

Whatever it is you want framing, Tanglewood Art and Frame can take care of it for you. Get in touch to let us know about what you want framing in Clemmons, North Carolina.

Things You Didn’t Know You Could Frame

When you think about framing things to put on your walls, your mind probably goes straight to paper. Photos, drawings, paintings, certificates. Whatever it is you’re thinking of, it’s probably flat. But why should the pleasure of framing and preserving meaningful or beautiful thing stop there?

When it comes to custom framing, you can frame lots of different things that you might not have even thought of before. Read on for some ideas of different things you can frame with us and why you might want to do so.


Old clothes can serve as great memories of the past, especially things like baby clothes, sports uniforms, and graduation gowns. Usually, these things just get left in a box somewhere or thrown out. By framing an important item of clothing, you can preserve it and keep it on display in your home. Read more about framing clothes here.


Memorabilia like concert tickets and souvenirs from events help you to remember special nights with family or friends. You can put these things together in a framed collage to commemorate an event or a relationship. For example, a collection of all the movie stubs you and your partner have collected together.


You can frame larger items like books in a display case. Light books may be suitable for framing and mounting on the wall, while heavier ones can be placed in a freestanding display case.


A sample of your child’s baby blanket is a great example of a meaningful textile you can frame for display. Perfect if you can’t decide what to do with something like this.


Is there a specific place that means a lot to you? Maybe it’s an old holiday destination, your place of birth, or the place you and your partner first met. Framing a map of this area is a good way to commemorate this.

Children’s toys

Your child’s toys are something else that can mean a lot to you and your family, but often just end up causing clutter. Choose your child’s favorite toy and preserve it in a frame or display case.


You’ve probably collected a lot of souvenirs from past vacations, and they’re probably scattered in a drawer somewhere in your home. Things like postcards, keyrings, and other souvenirs can be framed to remember each vacation.

At Tanglewood Art and Frame, our motto is “if you can carry it in, we can frame it.” This blog just has a handful of ideas of things you can frame, but if you have other ideas, then let us know. Take a look at some of our past projects if you need a little more inspiration. You can also visit us in store in Clemmons, NC to ask us any questions or get your items framed.

Bring New Life to Your Family Photos

When we were young, homes always had framed family photos up on the walls. Embarrassingly cute photos of you as a baby, your parents’ wedding day, photos of your grandparents in their youth. Today, it is so much easier to take good quality photos with just a tap of your smartphone screen but, often, that is where they stay. Last year, it was estimated that a total of 1.2 trillion photos would be taken over the world! Maybe we upload them to social media if we like the way we look in them, but photos are rarely printed out and framed anymore.

In theory, it’s great that we can easily store thousands of family photos on our phones and digital devices. But, the reality is that they rarely get revisited and are even at risk of being lost. By returning to tradition and putting your family photos up on the wall, you can preserve and bring new life to these treasured family photos.

Choose your best photos

Before digital cameras and smartphones, we took pictures and had them all printed without really knowing what they would look like. Maybe a few turned out well and we had them framed and put up on our walls. Today, we are constantly taking photos and we can instantly decide whether to keep or delete them.

You no longer have to waste time having your photos develop, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t print them at all. It means that we can be really selective about which family photos get the special treatment of being custom framed for your home or to give as a gift. It means that we can have some really great photos to admire every day rather than forgetting about them.

Preserving family photos

A good family photo on the wall will never go out of style because they’re the moments in life we want to remember. The best way to preserve these moments is to have them printed and custom framed. Through custom framing, you can keep them protected from the elements with quality framing materials, like glass that protects from UV rays. You can also present them in a way that makes them stand out and complement the rest of the room with different styles of frames and matboards to surround the photo.

You’ve probably got some amazing family photos saved somewhere in the cloud. It’s time to dig them out and get down to your local framing shop so that those pictures can always be remembered in your home. Contact us for custom framing around Advance, Winston Salem, Bermuda Run, Clemmons, Lewisville, and Mocksville.

Anatomy of a Frame

Most people who display art in a frame don’t really think too much about that frame. They consider the way it looks on the outside and how well it displays and protects the art contained inside of it. However, there are lots of components that make up the frame, each with its own purpose.

If you’ve ever wondered about the anatomy of a frame, or if you’re only just thinking about it now, then read on to learn more about it. Some of these components are essential to custom framing while others are optional.

The bare essentials

The following three components are those that you can’t do without in custom framing:

Backing board – The backing board is a piece of material that goes behind your artwork, and everything else within the frame. It is usually padded to provide extra support and protection. Your artwork will either be attached to this backing board or to another element in front of it.

Glazing – This is the part that covers your artwork and the other components inside the frame. It is usually made from glass or acrylic and can have a number of protective properties depending on the quality of glazing you choose, e.g. UV protection and anti-glare.

The frame – The frame itself is, of course, an essential part of framing artwork. It keeps all of the other components in and forms a large part of the appearance of your artwork. Wood is the most commonly used material but there are a variety of options, as well as a range of dimensions available.

Other components

Various other components can be added to your custom frame to either provide extra protection or add more flair.

Matboard Matboard can serve as a frame within the frame for your artwork. It goes around the art to add more visual interest and complement the piece. It can also improve aesthetics by concealing fittings that have attached your artwork to the board behind it. By protruding slightly from the artwork, it also serves to protect it by creating a space between the art and the glazing.

Back mat – A back mat is an additional layer that can be placed in between the backing board and the artwork. The art can be attached to the back mat instead, providing an extra layer of support and protection.

Fillet – Fillets, or enhancers, can be placed around the inside edge of the frame or the matboard to enhance its visual appearance. It is typically used to add extra detail and elegance.

These are the main components that make up the anatomy of a custom frame, and they’re all there to make your piece of art look good and retain its condition. Take a look at some of our project samples to see the end result of all this, and get in touch if you have custom framing needs around Advance, Winston Salem, Bermuda Run, Clemmons, Lewisville, and Mocksville.

Should I Mat My Art?

When it comes to custom art framing, there are several decisions to make in order to make your framed photographs or artwork exactly how you want it. One of these decisions is whether or not to mat your art. If you’re unsure what this means or whether you should do it or not, then read on for our quick guide on the topic.

What is art matting?

A mat is a thin piece of material placed in a frame to surround the piece of art. This serves a number of purposes, which we’ll look at in more detail later, but is mostly used to be decorative or protective. Matting can be made of various different materials, including paper, cotton, wood pulp, and suede. You can also choose from a range of colors for your art’s matting. High-quality matting should be acid-free, as the acid in certain materials can discolor and degrade your art over time.

What are the benefits?

Before you decide whether you need to mat your art or not, you should know why it’s done. So, let’s look at the key benefits of art matting.

Make your art stand out – Choosing matting of the right color and material can really make your artwork pop. It can help to draw people’s eye to the frame and be chosen in a color that makes key aspects of the art stand out, making sure that the piece is the main focus. It can also make it stand out more by increasing the size. If you are framing a small piece of art, adding matting around it allows you to place it in a larger frame so that it takes up more space on your wall.

Complement the décor of the room – The right matting for your artwork will either match or contrast the décor and color scheme of the room it is placed in, making it an integral part of the design of the room, rather than looking out of place.

Create space between the glass – With your art set slightly back against the matting, it allows for your art to be separated from the glass. This space between the glass and the artwork helps to improve air circulation and stop moisture from damaging it.

Hide unsightly features – You might not want the features supporting or attaching your artwork to the backing to be visible. Applying a matting around your artwork allows for these features, such as hinges or clips, to be hidden.

Do you need matting for your artwork or pictures? We can provide a custom framing service, including matting, to suit your needs. Get in touch for more information or visit us in store in Clemmons, NC.

Should I Restore My Art?

Artwork adds a touch of sophistication and style to a home, but it can start to detract from this if it is fading and losing its original quality. The solution to this is to have your art restored, but is it really worth the cost and effort to have this done? We think so! But, let’s look at the pros and cons of art restoration and anything else you need to consider when deciding whether to restore your art or not.

What is art restoration?

Paintings and statues degrade as time passes, especially if they are not stored or displayed properly. Paintings can become faded by sunlight, torn as they are handled, and worn away by dust and dirt on the surface of the painting. When this happens, you can have your art restored by a professional conservator so that it appears more like its original state. This can involve removing blemishes, repairing damage, restoring colors, and repairing cracked or missing paint.

Pros of restoring your art

When you restore art, you get to enjoy it in its original state again. This could be especially important if the piece of art has sentimental meaning to you or if it is valuable in financial terms. Speaking of which, art restoration also helps to increase the value of the artwork, so it could be a good investment if you plan to sell the painting. It can also help by extending the life of the artwork, reversing the process of it becoming faded and damaged over time.

Cons of restoring your art

Not everyone supports the idea of art restoration, especially when it comes to famous pieces of art. Some people argue that restoring art is disrespectful to the original artist and that it is better to leave the art affected by the passage of time, rather than covering it up. This has caused some controversy whenever plans are proposed to restore a high-profile painting or statue. Any changes made, even for the better are seen as inauthentic.

It’s a debate that keeps on raging when it comes to art such as the Sistine Chapel ceiling, but it still stands that restoration can help to improve the aesthetics and quality of pieces of art. If you’re interested in having your at restored to its original condition, or conserving it to maintain its good condition, then Tanglewood Art and Frame can help. Visit us in store or get in touch if you’re located in North Carolina, including Advance, Winston Salem, Bermuda Run, Clemmons, Lewisville, and Mocksville.

Picture Framing Glass

If you want to have a picture or piece of artwork framed to preserve and present it well, you may or may not be aware of all the different options available to you when it comes to the glass used for framing. Picture framing glass needs to be high quality and durable enough to protect the object being framed, so it can be an important choice to make, especially if you’re framing something valuable or that means a lot to you personally.

Types of picture framing glass

Let’s start with a quick overview of some of the different types of glass commonly used for picture framing.

  • Basic glass – Just your standard clear glass, commonly used to frame store bought pictures. It provides a barrier for your art that protects it from dust and physical damage. Light produces a strong glare on basic glass, so it can be difficult to see the picture properly.
  • Non-glare glass – Basic non-glare glass goes one further than basic glass by being slightly frosted to help prevent the glare or reflections from the light. This makes it easier to view and appreciate your artwork while still keeping it protected.
  • Anti-reflective glass – Similar to the above, this type of glass helps to reduce light reflections by applying a coating over the glass that makes it appear practically invisible.
  • Conservation Clear – This type of glass is less effective at reducing glare, but it does have added UV protection which protects your artwork from sun damage. Conservation Clear protects against 99% of UV rays to stop the picture from fading.
  • Museum glass – Museum glass brings together all the best parts of the different kinds of picture framing glass. It is high quality for great protection, but it also has the anti-reflective coating and UV protection, so your picture is covered on all fronts.

Why use museum glass for picture framing?

Museum glass is the obvious choice for framing your pictures. It makes your art look amazing by eliminating glare and even brightening the colors of the piece. It will maintain the quality of your art by preventing UV rays from fading the picture if it is exposed to sunlight. It is also incredibly strong and durable, as well as being easy to clean.

Museum glass is perfect for custom framing, so why not visit us in Clemmons, North Carolina to have your artwork framed in style. You can also get in touch online if you have any questions about our custom art framing services.

Commercial, Volume, and Artist Framing

Most people looking for framework have a single piece of art or memento that they want framing to hang up on their wall or provide as a gift to someone. But, what if you have large quantities of items that need framing. We get customers in who are decorating a commercial space and need custom framing for a variety of pieces of art, or artists to provide framing packages for their work.

There a variety of different volume framing services we provide for our customers, but what is the benefit of having these services performed by a speciality custom frame shop? Here are just a few of those benefits.

Save time

Framing a large number of pictures will take a lot of time in choosing and buying the right materials and framing the items themselves. Leave this to the professionals to save yourself the time and hassle of performing it yourself.


We have a variety of different materials to suit the style you’re after and the dimensions of the pieces being framed, so your frames can suit the style of the space you’re decorating and the style of the piece of art itself. When framing a large volume of items, you can choose whether to have them all framed in a uniform style or differently to make each one unique.

Quality guaranteed

We use the best quality materials and have the skill and experience to perform each job to the highest quality. So, you know that you will be receiving quality framework at the end of it when you choose commercial, volume, and artist framing from a well-reputed, professional frame shop.

Benefit from additional services

Speciality frame shops and art galleries often provide additional services to help with the entire process. Here at Tanglewood Art and Frame, we don’t just provide custom framing for individual or bulk items, we also pickup, delivery, and professional hanging for all our customers. This can take a lot of hassle out of decorating for you.

Save money

Large jobs can be expensive, especially if you’re buying all the materials yourself. If you come to Tanglewood for your commercial, volume, or artist framing, then you can save yourself some money as we offer competitive rates for these services based on the size of your order.

Do you need commercial, volume, or artist framing? Visit our shop in Clemmons, NC or contact us online for more about our services.